We share
one abiding trait:
To transform the
practice of law.

Our Culture

All of us at Marshall Denning share one abiding trait: We want to transform the practice of law so we can empower our clients and attorneys in ways never before possible.

We fuse our legal pedigree with business pragmatism and an overriding focus on our clients. We do not simply offer legal advice: we guide, design, implement, and financially commit to the solutions we provide.

We have converged from top Am Law, Magic and Silver Circle law firms; prestigious boutique and international practices; and from the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies. We understand how to integrate technology to meaningfully (and measurably) augment our legal practice.

Our commitment to the legal profession extends to lawyers who are just now entering the profession and trying to find their path. Several law school leaders in the U.S., as well as leading legal service providers, have created post-graduate residency training programs focused on the intersection of law and technology. We proudly support these initiatives alongside U.S. law schools including Emory, Notre Dame, University of Southern California, Boston University, Vanderbilt, University of Miami and The Ohio State University.

At Marshall Denning, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is crucial to fulfilling our mission. Our diverse team of legal professionals allows us to effectively draw on different perspectives to enhance the quality of decision making, deepen the relevance of our advice and enhance our efficiency and effectiveness. We strive to attract, retain, and develop a team that is diverse along many dimensions, and we welcome the wide range of experiences and viewpoints that our team brings to the firm, including those based on nationality, gender, culture, educational and professional backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, age differences and religion. We seek to leverage the proven benefits of enhanced innovation and creativity, greater productivity and employee satisfaction that derive from a well-managed, diverse and inclusive workplace.